Romano-Egyptian Coptic Carved Bone Pin Fragment

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An ancient Romano-Egyptian Coptic period bone pin fragment. It features a decorated head with protruding thin yarn-comb bristles to the top. An incised band sits beneath the bristles with three circle and dot motifs to the centre. Red and black paint pigments are still visible within the incisions. The cylindrical shaft tapers into a narrow point (now missing).

Date: Circa 3rd - 6th Century AD
Period: Coptic Period
Condition: Fine condition. Tip and bristle missing.


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Bone would have been carved to create pins, used to facilitate the elaborate female hairstyles of the period. The hair would have to be twisted and coiled, to prevent the smooth pin from falling out. Bone also was used as a medium for everyday items, such as spoons, forks and wool implements.

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Dimensions L 4 cm





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