Western Asiatic Bronze Comb

£ 165.00

A Western Asiatic hair comb cast from bronze featuring a D shaped plate with 13 tines, one now missing. The shaft is further embellished with an openwork chevron pattern, above this design sits a long pin, tapered to a point. Green patination covers the surface of the comb.

Date: Circa 1st Millennium BC
Condition: Good condition, one of the tines is now missing.


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Many grand civilizations inhabited the area of Western Asia in Antiquity, and their wealth and prosperity is witnessed by the very sophisticated precious metal crafting of jewellery. Openwork bronze objects were created using a mould, the liquid bronze would be poured into a ceramic mould and once hardened, the mould would be destroyed. Therefore, each piece is individual and difficult to make an exact replica.

Weight 45.3 g
Dimensions L 20.6 x W 6.4 cm



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