Western Asiatic Gold Hair Ring

£ 700.00

A delicately modelled Western Asiatic solid gold coil with flat endings, featuring a tubular body moving in a tight spiral. Gold rings of this type would have probably been used in antiquity as hair ornaments, earrings or as part of bracelets or bangles

Date: Circa 2nd Millennium
Provenance: Property of a North London gentleman; previously in a Japanese collection, 1990s.
Condition: Very fine.


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Western Asia produced very sophisticated and detailed jewellery crafted from gold, silver and copper. Gold would have been hammered down to a thin layer and manipulated into different shapes. Gold and silver jewellery would have featured gold granules, glass and semi-precious stone inlays and detailed engravings.

Weight 8.9 g
Dimensions W 1.5 cm



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