Medieval Gold Framed Garnet Bead


A fine Medieval bead featuring two square garnets on either side displaying a deep red-purple colour. Such a colour was highly valued during the Middle Ages and was worn as a symbol of vitality. The stone is set in a two-layered frame of hollow gold granules which display worn surfaces and some earthy encrustations.

Date: Circa 15th-16th century AD
Provenance: Ex Japanese gentleman's collection, deceased, 1970-2015.
Condition: Good condition, a small chip to the garnet, some dents to the granules.


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Jewellery was worn by both men and women during the Middle Ages and reflected the highly hierarchical society of the time. Gold, silver and precious gems were used by royalty and the nobility, whilst lower social classes wore base metal ornaments. Aside from displaying wealth and social status, jewellery was also exchanged as tokens of love and to ward-off misfortune.

Weight 0.94 g
Dimensions L 0.9 x H 0.9 cm



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