Ancient Egyptian Necklace with Amarna Beads

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An Ancient Egyptian re-strung necklace made of Amarna period faience beads of various colours, including long tubular beads of bright turquoise, interspersed with smaller colourful disc beads. A longer dark blue elongated ovoid Amarna bead to the centre of the necklace further enriches the composition.

Date: 1353-1336 BC
Period: New Kingdom Amarna Period
Provenance: Ex. Enfield Collection, acquired in 2013-2015
Condition: Fine, unclasped and restrung.


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The Amarna period relates specifically to the second half of the 18th Dynasty and the reign of Tutankhamen’s father, Akhenaten, who altered the polytheistic Ancient Egyptian religion. The period saw the first development of monotheistic religion, in which the sun god Aten was worshipped above the other Egyptian gods.

To find out more about Egyptian faience please see our relevant blog post: What is Egyptian Faience?

Weight 10.6 g
Dimensions L 38 cm




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