Bronze Age Necklace with Spiral Pendant


A restrung Bronze Age necklace made from bronze, and comprising eight lengths of wire, each formed into a tight tube with a bronze ring spacer bead. Towards the base, a shield-shaped disc is formed from a single length of bronze wire, twisted into two similar figure-of-eight spirals with loop in between.

Date: Circa 900-700 BC
Period: Bronze Age
Condition: Very fine with well-conserved stable metalwork and with rich dark green patination.


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The Celtic spiral is a dynamic and popular symbol, indicative of endless movement and in use from the Neolithic period (circa 5000 BC). Bronze craftsmen continued to use the pattern during the Bronze Age, though more flamboyant and flatter spiral patterns were favoured.

To discover more about spirals in Celtic culture, please visit our relevant blog post: The Symbolism of the Spiral in Celtic Imagery.

Weight 104 g
Dimensions H 29.5 cm

Time Period



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