Egyptian Amarna Faience Necklace


A beautiful Egyptian Amarna restrung faience necklace of a yellow tone. The necklace features a series of yellow flower’s petals, yellow beads, and reddish brown beads. The beads have been restrung on modern wire, ready for the addition of a suitable fastener.

Date: Circa 1353 - 1336 BC
Period: Amarna Period
Provenance: From the family collection of the Barclay family circa 1930-1940's and thence by descent.
Condition: Very fine


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The Amarna period relates specifically to the later half of the 18th Dynasty and the reign of Tutankhamen’s father, Akhenaten, who altered the polytheistic Ancient Egyptian religion. The period saw the first development of monotheistic religion, in which the sun god Aten was worshipped above the other Egyptian gods.

Weight 6 g
Dimensions L 19 cm