Egyptian Blue Faience Necklace with Fly Amulet


A beautifully crafted Egyptian restrung necklace featuring blue faience cylindrical-shaped beads alternating with two flattened, multi-coloured faience beads. The necklace is further enriched with a hardstone fly amulet at its centre. Carved incisions are displayed across the fly’s body and wings.

Date: Circa 1069-744 BC
Period: Third Intermediate Period
Condition: Very fine condition. The necklace has been finished with a small gold plated clasp, but please be aware that the clasp has not been professionally tied. Half-length folded 25.5cm.


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The purpose of fly amulets is uncertain; scholars have different hypotheses regarding this symbol. Some believe it was awarded for military achievement because of the fly’s resemblance to enemies’ persistence at war and also because of the fly’s tendency of hanging around battlefields were blood was shed. Others don’t agree entirely with this thesis as samples of fly amulets have been found in women’s and butlers’ tombs, individuals not active in war. One other possible intention of this amulet was to bestow the notorious fecundity of the fly to the wearer. However uncertain the significance of this symbol is, the fly also appears in many ancient neighbouring cultures, from Nubia to the Greek island of Cyprus.

To discover more about amulets in the Ancient world, please visit our relevant blog post: Apotropaic Art: Amulets and Phallic Pendants in Ancient Cultures.

Weight 5.9 g
Dimensions L 48.5 cm


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