Egyptian Blue Faience Necklace with Vegetal Amulets

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A beautifully crafted Egyptian restrung necklace featuring an alternation between cylindrical-shaped and flattened round blue faience beads. The necklace is further enriched at its centre by five blue faience amulets: two in the shape of lotus petals, two in the shape of grapes, and the last one, at the centre, takes the form of a large petal or date.

Date: Circa 1069-744 BC
Period: Third Intermediate Period
Condition: Very fine condition. The necklace has been finished with a small gold plated clasp, but please be aware that the clasp has not been professionally tied. The measurements given apply to the folded necklace.


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All five of the faience fruit and flower-shaped beads featured on this necklace are intrinsically linked not only to aspects of everyday life in Ancient Egypt but also to the idea of after life. Indeed, lotus flowers grew on the Nile and were deeply admired by the Egyptians for their scent and beauty, but also because they were related to creation myths and therefore symbolised creation and rebirth. Grapes, on the other hand, were cultivated there and used to make wine which played an important role in ceremonies. Finally, dates were the most common and appreciated fruit, to such an extent that it is said that the Ancient Egyptian word to describe them also meant ‘sweet’.

To discover more about amulets in the Ancient world, please visit our relevant blog post: Apotropaic Art: Amulets and Phallic Pendants in Ancient Cultures.

Dimensions L 23 cm





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