Egyptian Faience Necklace with Bes Amulet


A beautiful re-strung Egyptian faience necklace featuring turquoise cylindrical beads alternating with smaller, flattened circular beads of various colours. The necklace is further enriched with a central turquoise amulet in the form of a male figure with both arms raised, one holding up an object next to his head. The figure can be identified by such a pose as the Egyptian god Bes, who usually holds a tambourine.

Date: Circa 1069-744 BC
Period: Third Intermediate Period
Condition: Fine condition. The necklace has been finished with a small silver clasp (please be aware that the clasp has not been professionally tied). When folded the necklace measures 24.5cm in length.


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Bes was an Egyptian deity and the most instantly recognisable protector. His ugly physique and appearance was used to repel any enemies and evil spirits. He was also seen as the protector god of childbirth, a very popular amulet amongst pregnant women, he was believed to ward off any demons that may corrupt the unborn child. Known for his protective qualities, Bes was worshipped in households to protect against any intruders, whether it be people or deadly animals. Although the deity was presented in a grotesque, intimidating way, Bes was very friendly and was symbolised with laughter, music and dance granting him many different qualities. Hence the representation of a dancing Bus, playing a tambourine.

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Weight 5.2 g
Dimensions L 24.5 cm

Egyptian Mythology


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