Egyptian Faience Necklace with Menat Amulet


An ancient Egyptian faience necklace composed of light blue cylindrical beads, alternating with smaller round red disc beads. The necklace features a central menat amulet crafted from a brown hardstone pierced horizontally. The cylindrical and small faience beads come from a collection of beads discovered by Flinders Petrie at Gurob.

Date: Circa 1069-744 BC
Period: Third Intermediate Period
Condition: Excellent condition. The necklace has been finished with a small gold, plated clasp (please be aware that the clasp has not been professionally tied). When folded the necklace measures 22.2cm in length.


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Menat were often dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Hathor. She was closely connected with the god Horus and Ra. Regarded as the mother of the sun god, Hathor would sail across the nights sky to the underworld and would rise again at dawn with the sun god. Hathor translates to The House of Horus or The Temple of Horus and was seen as the female opposite of Ra taking the name, the eye of Ra. The goddess was beloved by both the living and the dead, regarded as maternal and protector of women. Hathor was usually depicted as a white cow or a woman wearing a headdress of cow horns and the sun disk. When a cow, Hathor was said to have nursed Horus with her milk displaying her maternal qualities. The menat amulet was worn by both the living and the deceased to protect and warn off evil spirits.

Weight 4.6 g
Dimensions L 22.2 cm



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