Egyptian Middle Kingdom Faience Necklace


A fine Egyptian faience necklace dating from the Middle kingdom featuring black cylindrical beads alternating with turquoise beads varying in different shapes of an octahedron. This necklace has been restrung and finished with a modern silver-plated clasp.

Please be aware that this is a general lot and more than one item is available for purchase. Length supplied may vary slightly by a few millimetres. Individual selection is not available.

Date: 2055-1650 BC
Period: Middle Kingdom
Condition: Fine condition, please be aware that the clasp has not been professionally tied). When folded the necklace measures 23.5cm in length.


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Faience beads are highly fired, glazed ceramic, which were known for its beautiful and lavish colours. They were formed from silica (sand or crushed quarts) alongside small amounts of sodium and calcium. Colouring agents, such as copper or cobalt, could then be added to achieve the rich colour tones adored by the ancients. During the Predynastic period only green and blue faience occurred, however from the Old Kingdom and onwards alternative colours such as black, yellow and red were added to the palette. The colours had different symbolisms for example, blue was thought to reflect fertility and life.

To find out more about the use of faience in Ancient Egyptian culture please see our other relevant blog post: What is Egyptian Faience?

Weight 7.4 g
Dimensions L 47 cm




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