Egyptian Necklace with Carnelian Poppy Beads

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A beautiful Egyptian restrung necklace, composed of carnelian beads in various shades of red and orange. The colour differentiation showcases the natural beauty and versatility of the precious stone. Closer to the middle, the necklace is further enriched by 7 larger carnelian beads in the shape of poppies, which fan out attractively. The necklace terminates in a modern silver clasp.

Length of the necklace when folded in half: c. 22.5cm

Date: 1550 - 1070 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period
Condition: Fine condition, beads showing differentiation. Restrung with modern silver clasp.


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Poppy or thistle amulets were representative of healing and the removal of pain. Thistles were common all over Egypt, but especially around the Nile. It is thought that they were peeled and boiled before consumption, with the thistle used in some parts of the world as a herbal treatment for hepatic disorders. If, on the other hand, the amulet is intended to represent a poppy, the piece retains symbolic significance. Indeed, there is evidence for the extraction of morphine from poppies in the ancient world.

To find out more about the use of carnelian in Ancient Egyptian culture please see our relevant blog post: The Significance of Carnelian in Ancient Egyptian Culture.

Weight 17.05 g
Dimensions L 42.3 cm


Semi-Precious Stones

Reference: For similar: Bonhams Auction House, London, Antiquities, 16th April 2015, lot 64

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