Egyptian Necklace with Faience Blue Beads


A beautifully crafted Egyptian restrung necklace featuring blue faience cylindrical-shaped beads. The necklace is further enriched with four smaller green beads and two smaller light blue beads, alternating with the cylindrical faience beads. A larger blue, rectangular carved faience bead sits at the centre of the necklace.

Date: Circa 1353-1336 BC
Period: New Kingdom, Amarna Period
Condition: Very fine condition.


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Both Egyptian men and women wore jewellery throughout Egyptian culture and evidence of this can be seen on numerous carvings and tomb paintings. Necklaces held dual purposes, predominately as an indication of status and wealth but also as a symbol for protection. Egyptian necklaces ranged from basic beads strung on thread to more elaborate designs containing rows of beads, carved stones and pedants, these were commonly possessed by those of a wealthier status. This beautiful necklace has been strung with faience beads, a common material used in Ancient Egypt not only for beads, but to model amulets and statuettes.

To find out more about Egyptian faience please see our relevant blog post: What is Egyptian Faience?

Weight 7.1 g
Dimensions L 50.2 cm



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