Egyptian Necklace with Menit Amulets


A restrung necklace of green faience oblong beads, interspersed with white disc beadfs and menit amulets. The middle four of the menit amulets are made of carnelian, while those surrounding from feldspar. The white discs are spaced between each faience bead, and the menit amulets only occupy the bottom half of the necklace.

Date: New Kingdom, 16th to 11th century BC
Condition: Good condition. The beads show differentiation.


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Menit was the counterpoise of a necklace, worn hanging down the back of the wearer to keep the front of the necklace in place. It also eventually gained significance as a ceremonial object, specifically of the goddess Hathor, whose priestesses were frequently shown carrying them. Hathor was the goddess of music and dance, and was sometimes depicted as a cow with a menit worn around her neck. To find out more about Egyptian amulets, please see our relevant blog post: Egyptian Amulets and their Meanings – Ancient Egyptian Gods

Feldspar was one of the six stones considered most precious by the Egyptians, alongside lapis lazuli and turqoise. Being green it was symbolic of new life. To find out more about the use of carnelian in Ancient Egyptian culture please see our other relevant blog post: The Significance of Carnelian in Ancient Egyptian Culture.

Weight 14.3 g
Dimensions L 33 cm
Semi-Precious Stones




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