Greek Hellenistic gold and stone necklace


A stunning, restrung necklace of biconical lapis lazuli beads, accentuated with gold domed panels, and each with a loop to the reverse for suspension. The necklace features graduated discoid gold plaques, each set with a stunning polished stone (including garnet, amethyst, crystal, chalcedony, and aventurine). The necklace has been modernised with a new clasp for wear.

Date: 2nd-1st Century BC
Provenance: UK art market, acquired prior to 2000.
Condition: Very good: restrung with modern clasp.

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Jewellery was a status symbol in ancient Greece and Rome, and to possess a complete a set of beads in such good condition is truly a rarity.

To discover more about gemstones in Antiquity, please visit our relevant blog post: The History and Mythology of Jewellery in Antiquity.


Weight 43.1 g
Dimensions L 35.0 cm



Semi-Precious Stones

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