Near Eastern Banded Agate and Gold Bead Necklace


A stunning Mesopotamian restrung necklace, formed of elongated biconical banded agate beads, coloured brown and white. A large drop pendant of caramel banded agate features in the centre. Each agate bead is interspersed with ancient golden conical beads. A modern ‘S’ clasp enables the necklace to be worn.



Date: Circa mid 3rd-2nd Millennium BC
Condition: Good condition. Small crack on the reverse of the pendant. Some denting to gold beads.


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Agate was used by a multitude of ancient societies, largely carved into beads or decorative elements for jewellery or as personal and administrative seals. A hard rock formed mostly of chalcedony and quartz, it forms within metamorphic and volcanic rocks, presenting itself in a variety of colours and formations. When the stone is cut transversely, it exhibits a succession of parallel lines, giving a banded appearance to the section, hence the name ‘banded agate’.

Weight 25.2 g
Dimensions L 25.6 cm



Semi-Precious Stones

Reference: For Similar: Christie’s Auction House, New York, Auction 2770, Ancient Jewellery, 5th December 2012, lot 303

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