Necklace With Persian Beads


A restrung necklace with colourful, spotted Persian beads: they are made of semi-precious carnelian, and alternate with small gold beads. The necklace also features agate and alabaster beads, giving it a lovely warm colour, whilst the intense red carnelian remains the most conspicuous part of the necklace.

Overall length: 47 cm. Wearable length: 23.5 cm. Diameter: 15.5 cm.

Date: Circa 400 - 300 BC
Condition: Excellent condition.


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At its peak, the Achaemenid Empire had the most expansive territory in history, on account of which it embraced a fusion of various languages, religions, and cultures. One such example of its innovation is the use of agate for making seals and jewellery.

Weight 58.5 g
Dimensions L 47 cm


Semi-Precious Stones


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