Roman Gold Necklace with Club of Hercules Pendant


A fine Roman gold loop chain terminating in a hook and loop closure. A large pendant in the shape of Hercules’ club hangs in the centre. Formed from hollow gold sheet the pendant is decorated with filigree drop-shapes, emulating the knots of a wooden club. Bands of filigree decoration divide the pendant horizontally. A large rounded granulation rests at the bottom of the pendant. A suspension loop supports the top of the pendant.

Date: Circa 2nd - 3rd century AD
Condition: Excellent


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The club of Hercules was his most recognised attribute. It was used commonly in the Roman Empire from the 2nd century AD, mostly in decorative art and jewellery. Earrings and pendants were especially favoured and decorative elements included the drop-shape patterning to resemble the gnarled knots of the original wooden weapon.

Weight 8.4 g
Dimensions L 27 cm


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