Selection of Mammoth Bone Beaded Necklaces


A restrung necklace of spherical mammoth bone beads. Each bead has been made to show the many variations of colour and pattern within the bone. The beads range in hue from dark, yellow ochre, dusky grey and mottled white. The necklace is finished with a modern gold-plated clasp (please be aware that the clasp has not been professionally tied).

Please note this is a general lot and more than 1 item is available for purchase. Length supplied may vary slightly by a few millimetres. Individual selection is not available.

Date: Circa 110,000-12,000 years BP
Period: Devensian
Condition: Fine condition. Half length 29.5cm when folded.


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The Devension period is the term given to the last extensive glacial period that covered the Earth by British geologists. Geologists from other countries label the glacial period differently. Devension derives its name from the Latin ‘Devenses’, translated as ‘those living by the Dee’. The Dee is a river in Wales where earthly deposits from the glacial period are particularly evident.

Weight 159.2 g
Dimensions L 59.7 cm

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