Sumerian Red and White Steatite and Shale Necklace

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A Sumerian necklace featuring small cylindrical steatite beads alternating in red and white colouring. The larger disk-shaped shale beads added to the lower section of the necklace creates a sense of balance. The necklace has been restrung and finished with a modern clasp.

Date: 3000 B.C.
Condition: Very fine condition. The necklace has been restrung.


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One of the earliest known civilisations in the world, the people of Ancient Sumer, inhabited a region of southern Mesopotamia. They populated part of the so-called Fertile Crescent, from around 4500 BC until an invasion by the neighbouring Elamites around 2000 BC. The fertility of these valleys allowed the Sumerians to grow an abundance of crops, creating a surplus that allowed for the creation of non-food-gathering roles, such as artists and artisans. The Sumerians are notable for a number of reasons; they created the oldest known writing system, known as cuneiform, the wheel, early mathematics, law and literature, and were some of the first brewers of beer. The Sumerians also invented the idea and basis of jewellery among Mesopotamia. Brightly coloured materials were popular and carved into beads for decorating jewellery, especially necklaces. This included precious stones such as carnelian and lapis but also more basic items such as shell.

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Dimensions L 46.4 cm



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