Western Asiatic Butterfly Beaded Hardstone Necklace


A finely restrung Western Asiatic necklace made up of alternating barrel-shaped and butterfly-shaped grey stone beads. The butterfly beads display a cylindrical body from which two curved wings protrude. The necklace features a pendant-formation composed of a flat dark circular stone and a brown stone. The necklace is finished with a gold-plated clasp (please be aware that the clasp has not been professionally tied).

Date: Circa 4th Millennium BC
Provenance: Ex private Japanese gentleman collection 1970-2010.
Condition: Fine condition, the necklace has been restrung. Half length 24.2cm


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Jewellery is thought to be one of the oldest forms of art within history, with the presence of rings, bangles and necklaces’ being present in almost all ancient societies. The western Asiatic during Mesopotamia is home to many interesting and unique jewellery patterns, with gemstones being the material of choice for ancient citizens to decorate themselves with. The sophisticated nature of the society can be seen through their jewellery making skills with elaborate patterns and carvings being common find.

Hardstone refers to semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli, agate and carnelian. It was a very popular material within Western Asiatic jewellery as well as in architectural decorations such as mosaics.

Weight 28.8 g
Dimensions L 45.7 cm


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