Western Asiatic Cream-Coloured Necklace


A Western Asiatic restrung necklace composed of hardstone and shell beads. Made of differing sized and shaped beads, they display tones of mellow cream and sand-hued variations. Finished with a silver clasp. Please be aware that the clasp has not been professionally tied.

Date: 1st Millenium BC
Condition: Very fine condition


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In every ancient culture which falls under the period ‘Antiquity’, there is evidence of jewellery. Many grand civilisations inhabited the area of Western Asia in antiquity, and their wealth and prosperity is demonstrated through their sophisticated jewellery making. Precious and semi-precious stones, such as agate, lapis lazuli, and carnelian, were also widely used.

Weight 11.5 g
Dimensions L 39 cm




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