Western Asiatic Lapis Lazuli Necklace


A fine Near Eastern-Western Asiatic necklace, composed of lapis lazuli carved beads varying in shape and size. The centre of the necklace features a large rhombus shaped bead with alternating small and large shapes either side, gradually reducing in size towards each end. The necklace has been restrung with a modern gold plated silver clasp attached.

Date: 3rd-2nd Millennium BC
Condition: Fine Condition. 22.2cm half length folded.


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Lapis lazuli stone was highly regarded in Mesopotamia and the Near East in general. Rulers and members of the elite had the custom of being buried with ornaments made partly or entirely of this semi-precious stone, originally from Afghanistan. The first use of this beautiful, vibrant rich blue stone dates back to the Neolithic, when it was first mined in Afghanistan and exported to the Mediterranean area and South Asia.

Weight 34.4 g
Dimensions L 45.6 cm


Semi-Precious Stones

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