Western Asiatic Orange Glass and Hardstone Necklace

£ 75.00

A Western Asiatic restrung necklace featuring glass and hardstone beads exhibiting varying hues of orange. The beads vary slightly in size, with the majority displaying a circular shape; some are enriched with natural striations. The beads gradually increase in size towards the centre pendant, nicely balancing the necklace. The decorative pendant comprises of three larger beads in a vertical line, one of which is engraved with pattern of short curves. The necklace is finished with a modern silver clasp.

Date: 1st Millenium BC
Condition: Fine condition. Minor chips and encrustations consistent with age. (Please be aware that the clasp has not been professionally tied)


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In every ancient culture which falls under the period ‘Antiquity’, there is evidence of jewellery. Many grand civilisations inhabited the area of Western Asia in antiquity, and their wealth and prosperity are demonstrated through their sophisticated jewellery making. Precious and semi-precious stones, such as agate, lapis lazuli, and carnelian, were also widely used. Simple and elaborate and necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets would have been worn in everyday life but also buried with the deceased.

Weight 10.3 g
Dimensions L 41.8 cm




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