White Hardstone Western Asiatic Glass Bead Necklace


A beautiful white hardstone bead necklace from Western Asia. The pattern includes various sized white beads, some bright white, with others more naturally dulled. The small pearl-coloured beads lead to two thin cylindrical beads of oblong shape. The central design consists of two shiny spherical beads which enclose two elongated hard stone beads, one of which a dark grey and the other an opaque shade of white. There are then two spherical beads which encompass a large hard stone pendant in the shape of a flared cylinder. The necklace is finished with a modern silver clasp. (The clasp has not been added professionally)

The length given below is the total length.

Date: Circa 1st Millenium BC
Condition: Good condition, suitable for modern wear


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Hardstone refers to semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli, agate and carnelian. It was a very popular material within Western Asiatic jewellery as well as in architectural decorations such as mosaics.

Jewellery is an art form which is considered to be one of the oldest within our history. The western Asiatic provides us with many interesting and unique jewellery patterns, with gemstones being inlayed with gold, and metals being moulded into elaborate patterns shows how sophisticated the Western Asiatic jewellery makers were. The civilisations within the Near East seemed to favour hard-stone carvings within their jewellery, with the gemstone agate, lapis lazuli and carnelian being the most popular stones of choice for ancient wearers.

For more information on how gemstones were used in ancient jewellery, please see our blog post: The History and Mythology go Gemstones in Ancient Jewellery. 


Weight 25.5 g
Dimensions L 44.5 cm



Reference: For Similar; Bonhams Auction House, London, Auction 22837, 30 Sept 2015, lot 77

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