Ancient Greek Swivel Pendent with Athena Tetradrachm


A silver Greek, Athenian tetradrachm encased in an 18k and silver pendant frame. The coin’s obverse depicts the profiled head of Athena, facing right, wearing a crested Attic helmet ornamented with three laurel leaves and a vine scroll. The reverse displays an owl standing and facing right with his body, face frontal, with the inscription in ancient Greek letters, ΑΘΕ, on its right. An olive spring and crescent moon are placed behind, to the left, all within an incuse square.The coin itself is framed with an 18-karat gold frame, which leads to a beautiful ribbed silver arch which curves up into a suspension loop. On the edges of the coin are two decorated circular hinges which allows the pendant to be flipped.

Please note that this piece does NOT come with a necklace chain. Chains are available for purchase. Please enquire.

Date: Circa 5th century AD
Condition: Excellent. Well polished and suitable for modern wear. Ancient coin set within a modern gold and silver frame.


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The tetradrachm (τετράδραχμον) was a large silver coin originating in Ancient Greece. It was the equivalent of four drachmae. It is thought that this coin became the standard coin of Antiquity, spreading beyond the Greek borders. Athenian Tetradrachms, like this one, followed a different minting standard. The Athenians derived their own ‘Attic standard’ for these types of coins, meaning that most of these coins would weigh about 17.2g.

Athena was the goddess of war and wisdom. Within Athens she was considered the city protectress. She was also thought to be the goddess of military victory. The owl was associated with her image as a representative of her wisdom. She is also considered a goddess of handicraft and practical reason.

Weight 25.9 g
Dimensions L 3.4 x W 3.7 cm

Greek Mythology




Reference: For Similar: The British Museum, London, item 1905,0309.4

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