Ancient Roman Gold and Turquoise Pendant


A finely modelled Ancient Roman pendant featuring a hemisphere turquoise stone displaying beautiful natural streaks of brown. The stone is held in place by a circular bezel and framed by gold granules with a suspension loop at the top and a pointed terminal attached to the bottom. The reverse remains unadorned with some cracks.

Date: Circa 1st -3rd century AD
Condition: Fine condition, with cracks on the reverse


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As in many societies in antiquity, jewellery was an important social marker used to demonstrate wealth in the Roman Empire. With the expansion of the empire, Roman jewellery became more elaborate in its design, as goldsmiths were influenced by the range of styles, materials and techniques used by craftsmen in these newly conquered territories. By incorporating these foreign techniques and new designs, Rome could reflect its position as a prosperous and dominant conquering city. Roman jewellery was enriched and embellished with precious, semi-precious stones and glass beads.

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Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions L 0.9 x W 0.6 cm



Semi-Precious Stones

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