Assyrian Gold Pendant with Pyramid Granulation

£ 300.00

A beautifully crafted Assyrian pendant, composed of a small, blue-grey oval stone in a gold setting. This setting is intricately decorated with pyramid granulation around the outside, and features a loop at the back for suspension.

Date: Circa 2000-1000 BC
Condition: Excellent condition.


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The use of granulation as a decorative technique in metalwork is believed to have been developed in Sumer, Mesopotamia, around 5,000 years ago. Tiny spheres of metal are attached to the surface of the object, forming patterns and enhancing the appearance of the item. The granulation technique, as we can see on this item, was at the centre of Assyrian jewellery production and were later adopted by the Greeks and Romans. In the Assyrian empire (as in many ancient cultures) jewellery was often used as a status symbol in order to communicate the wealth and power of those who wore it. The prosperity of the empire is witnessed by the very sophisticated precious metal crafts in jewellery.

Weight 1.6 g
Dimensions L 1 x W 0.75 cm