Bronze Coin Pendant with Mithradates


The large bronze coin presents on the obverse a helmeted head of Athena, ready for battle. The helmet is crafted with impressive skill and presents rich details. On the reverse, the coin depicts the figure of Perseus, defeating the Gorgon Medusa. Perseus stands triumphant, holding the harpe (a sword typical of mythological contexts) and the head of Medusa in his other hand. Her winged body lays dead at his feet. The coin features the inscription AMI – ΣOY, referring to the city of Amiso, on the Black Sea.

Please be aware that the chain is for reference only, we do have chains available for sale upon enquiry.

Date: Circa 100 - 85 BC
Condition: Extremely fine condition. Some signs of wear on the reverse.


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This coin was minted under Mithridates VI Eupator, the great ruler of the kingdom of Ponto in North Anatolia. He brought his kingdom to the maximum expansion, including the entire Peninsula of Anatolia and the majority of the coast on the Black Sea, including today’s Crimea Peninsula. The magnitude of his empire was one of the major threats to the Roman Republic and waged several wars against the Romans over the control of Greece, known as the Mithridatic Wars. He was defeated by Pompey at the Battle of the Lycus in 66 BC.

Weight 23.2 g
Dimensions L 3 x W 3 cm

Greek Mythology





Reference: For similar, but varying mint marks: The British Museum, Object Number: 1929,1013.520

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