Celtic Silver Triangular Charm

£ 125.00

A Celtic silver charm featuring a triangular shape and a cylindrical loop at the top for suspension. The front of the piece is embellished with simple designs executed using the pointillé technique. A small incised solar disc features at the centre, rendered with fine lines and dots, whilst two rows of dots mark the perimeter of the piece. The reverse remains smooth and unworked.

Date: 1200 - 100 BC
Condition: Good condition, a minor chip to the lower left corner.


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The Celts were a collection of tribal groups with origins in central Europe as early as 1200 B.C. Living through the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age (700 BC – 400 AD), these tribes and their culture migrated and established their presence throughout western Europe, including Britain, Ireland, France and Spain. During this time, Celtic metalwork and jewellery manufacture saw a rapid technological development. Different materials were used to make Celtic jewellery, including gold, bronze, amber and shale. Silver, in particular, was associated with the moon and commonly used to make jewellery due to its durability and lasting properties. Charms, such as this piece, would have been added to bracelets and considered as amulets or talisman purposed to ward off malevolence.

Weight 1.38 g
Dimensions L 3.1 x W 2.7 cm



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