Exceptional Thracian Repoussè Gold Disc


An exceptional Thracian gold disc with pendants. The medallion features a hinged loop for suspension at the top and two hinged pendants at the bottom. Each pendant features a rectangular sleeve with a capped end and triangular points made from hard stone in different hues of turquoise. The medallion is a hollow formed disc, centred by an amethyst inset and features an extremely fine repoussé decoration of ivy-leaf motifs radiating from a central cell with opposed foliage elements to the outer border. The disc is framed by a beaded rim. The reverse features some indentations and two thin perforations on the gold sheet.

Date: Circa 4th Century BC
Provenance: Ex Abelita family collection, 1970s-2000s
Condition: Very fine, suitable for modern wear with care.


The Thracians were people who inhabited large parts of Eastern and South-eastern Europe in antiquity, mostly the area corresponding to modern Bulgaria. Ancient Romans and Greeks referred to Thracians as a tribal and barbaric culture. Known for their warfare skills, they were very appealing as mercenaries. Their description as primitive people, most likely because of their simple lifestyle living in villages, highly contrasts with their high skills and absolute mastery of some sophisticated crafts, such as silver and gold smithery. They made richly ornate golden and silver objects such as various kinds of vessels, facial masks, pectorals, jewelry and weapons. These items showcase a very strong and increasing influence from neighbouring cultures, especially the Greeks. Thracians had the habit of burying hoards of their precious artefacts in order to hide and protect them during enemy invasions, as well as for ritualistic purposes, with the result of gifting us with a wealth of extraordinary treasures.

Weight 16.90 g
Dimensions W 8.3 cm




Semi-Precious Stones

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