Luristan Bronze Double-Headed Zoomorphic Pendant


A Luristan cast bronze statuette of a double-headed zoomorphic figure. The animal is portrayed in a stylised manner, with two heads facing opposite directions connected by a long neck. A long muzzle and two ears are visible either end with a suspension loop at the top. Such a figurine might have been worn as part of a necklace or bracelet with protective or decorative purposes. Some patination and earthly encrustation cover the surface.

Date: Circa 1st Millenium BC
Provenance: Ex SM London collection, acquired 1970-99.
Condition: Fine condition, with earthy encrustations and patination on the surface.

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Luristan bronze comes from the province of Lorestan, a region situated in the area of modern South-Western Iran. In ancient times a number of nomadic populations, such as the Medes, the Kassites and eventually the Persians, settled in the area. Due to the nomadic nature of the tribes, none of the Luristan bronzes were of great size, since it was required for them to be light and portable. Their artwork mainly comprises ornaments, vessels and weapons. Statuettes of local fauna, such as this interesting example, have been largely recovered from Luristan burials.

To discover more about the Luristan Empire, please visit our relevant blog post: The Luristan Empire: Beauty of Bronze.


Weight 6.75 g
Dimensions L 4.7 x H 3.4 cm



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