Mesopotamian Deity Pendant


A Mesopotamian bronze pendant in the shape of a male deity. The stylised figure is portrayed with his right arm across his body and his left hand holding a serpents staff. The facial features are well pronounced including the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. A suspension loop sits on the top of the figure’s head. The pendant is now covered in a green patina and earthly encrustation.

Date: 1st millennium BC
Provenance: From the private collection of the late Mr S.M., London, UK, thence by descent.
Condition: Very fine condition, with surface patination and encrustation.


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Across the different Mesopotamian societies, many gods and goddesses were worshiped. Like the deities from other cultures, such as the Greeks, each one had specific attributes. Some linked with fertility and marriage while others war, health or prosperity. The original and older gods within the ancient Near East were mainly associate with nature. Some of the important gods include Anu, god of heaven, Enki, god of water and Enlil, god of wind. These deities were positioned in places of worship for the pubic or worn as amulets for individuals, much like this fine example.

Weight 31.36 g
Dimensions L 5.9 x W 1.5 cm



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