Neo-Babylonian Bronze Pendant


A Neo-Babylonian bronze pendant featuring a presentation scene. The circular disc is incised with a stylised king sat upon a throne to the left. Opposite him is a kneeling supplicant with his arms raised up in the direction of the king. A small loop is displayed at the top for suspension and the reverse is unadorned. Green patination is visible to the surface.

Date: Circa 626-539BC
Provenance: Ex major S.M. collection, London, 1970-2010
Condition: Very fine condition, some of the detailing is now worn due to age.

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The Neo-Babylonian Empire began in 626BC and thrived economically, population wise and culturally. Much of the art is in the form of literature however, the Neo-Babylonian kings had many large buildings constructed demonstrating the architecture of the time. The art was influenced by the previous periods and show similar attributes. Cylinder seals became less detailed and saw a decline as terracotta figurine became more desirable. Coloured glaze as a technique improved as seen on the Ishtar gate. Popular imagery included deities, animals, kings and mythical creatures.


Weight 6 g
Dimensions W 3.4 x H 3.8 cm



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