Pair of Bronze Age Spiral Pendants

£ 3,250.00

A beautiful pair of Bronze Age spiral pendants of an amazingly large size. Both pendants comprise a single length of bronze wire, twisted to create a finely rendered spiral motif.

Date: Circa 1200-800 B.C
Period: Bronze Age
Condition: Complete and intact. Beautiful green and brown patina on the surface.


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A popular motif in the art of the Celts is that of the spiral it implied endless movement. This symbol existed in the Neolithic period in Central Europe, and often was depicted as three spirals, known as a ‘triskelion’. The tripartite styling of the spiral was less common in the Bronze Age, but the spiral itself was nonetheless pervasive.

To discover more about spirals in Celtic culture, please visit our relevant blog post: The Symbolism of the Spiral in Celtic Imagery.

Weight 824.1 g
Dimensions W 26 x H 19.5 cm


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