Roman Bronze Constantine the Great Nummus Pendant

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A Roman bronze nummus coin of Constantine I, framed in a modern silver pendant. The obverse of the coin presents a helmeted bust of a man in armour, identified as Constantine I, by the legend that runs around the border: CONSTANTINVS AVG. On the reverse, another legend frames the central scene; VIRTVS EXERCIT – PT. Two captives are depicted seated at the base of the standard, known as a vexillum. This is inscribed VOT – XX. The bronze coin  is framed in a silver casing, with a soldered terminal, containing three multicoloured beads of carnelian, blue glass and pink glass. The terminal ends with a loop attachment.

Please note the chain is for reference only and not included in the order. We do have chains available on request.


Date: AD 307-337
Condition: Very fine condition. Modern silver frames.


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Constantine I, also known as Constantine the Great, was a Roman emperor who ruled from AD 306 to 337. During his reign he reformed many aspects of the Empire, including the structure of the government in which he separated the civil and military powers. Constantine improved inflation with the creation of a new gold coin, the ‘solidus’ and was successful with the Roman frontiers. He was the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity, and with the signing of the Edict of Milan in AD 313, he allowed for tolerance for the religion within the Empire.

Weight 5.1 g
Dimensions L 3.4 x W 2 cm





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