Roman Miniature Glass Pendants


An Ancient Roman blue glass pendant in the form of a miniature juglet. This miniature juglet stands on a flat base, from which its small tubular  body raises and forms a long cylindrical neck.  It is decorated around the centre with a wavy trail,  here rendered with thin and dark black glass, whilst the blue handle is applied to the body and drawn up to the flaring rim. One small section of trail missing, leaving exposed the core of the pendant. Miniatures items such as these were often used as charms for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Date: Circa 2nd - 3rd Century AD
Condition: Very good condition. Area of dilapidated pottery near the rim, one small chip to belly and various stress holes.


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The Romans loved glass for its practical as well as decorative uses. Considering the vessels’ dimension and delicacy, this glass flask lead back to an all-female environment. Such miniature vessels were used as containers for ointments, powders, balms, and other liquids associated with the toilet, especially perfumes: the small mouth of the two flasks is ideal for slow, careful pouring, while glass was preferred for holding liquids, due to its non-porous, non-absorbent nature.

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Weight 4.42 g
Dimensions L 2.2 x W 1.5 cm



Reference: For a similar item,The Metropolitan Museum, item 17.194.478

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