Scythian Gold Bust Pendant


A finely detailed Scythian gold crescentic pendant with pierced barrel-shaped loop at the top for suspension. Below the loop, a flat horseshoe-shaped crescent on top of a repoussé facing mask with ridged hair, a brow-band, lentoid eyes and rectangular mouth. Four scaphoid dangles to the lower edge.

N.B. Weight given is with the stand. Weight of the applique alone is 2.18g.

Date: Circa 6th century BC
Condition: Very fine. Supplied with a Perspex display stand.


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The Scythians were a nomadic people who inhabited what is now Ukraine, parts of Russia and Serbia. Due to their largely nomadic lifestyle they had contact with various cultures and were recorded in Greek, Egyptian and Chinese ancient records.

To discover more about Scythian culture, please visit our relevant blog post: Scythian Gold.

Weight 44.2 g
Dimensions H 4.2 cm




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