Roman Glass Disk Pendant with Lion Design


This fine ancient Roman blue and white glass disk which has been coloured in white mother of pearl iridescence. The pendant has a large annular loop and an irregularly shaped stamp. The design is of a lion standing left and facing forward. Above the lion appears to be a crescent moon which has become worn from age. The impression of the lion would have been stamped into the moulded glass. The back is unadorned. Repair across the top of the stamp.

Date: 4th - 5th Century AD
Condition: Very fine condition, some signs of ageing.


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These wonderful pendants were thought to be accessories made to bring good fortune to their wearer. Ancient Romans believed that wearing trinkets like these disks would not only provide them with luck but also ward off the evil eye. The lion as a symbol within Roman culture was thought to represent strength, justice and ‘the majesty of the Roman people.’ The addition of the crescent is thought to represent the Roman god Sin, the moon god, and the star is thought to represent Venus, the Roman goddess of love.

For more information on animal symbolism in Roman art please see our blog post: Animal Symbolism in Roman Art

Weight 1.7 g
Dimensions L 2.2 x W 1.6 cm



Reference: For a similar item,The Metropolitan Museum, item 74.51.4034

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