South Arabian Gold Bull Pendant


A hollow-formed South Arabian sheet gold pendant of a bull. The bull is depicted lying down, with his legs folded underneath him. Bridle detailing has been added, and a central rosette sits in the centre of its forehead. There is a rectangular plaque to the underside.

Date: c. 1st - 2nd century BC
Provenance: From the property of a London gentleman, 1980.
Condition: Very fine and very rare


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Ancient South Arabia is a geographical label referring to a region occupied by six semitic kingdoms: Sabaʼ, Qatabān, Ma‘īn, Ḥaḍramawt, the Kingdom of Awsan, and the Himyarite Kingdom. The territory of these kingdoms corresponds to a modern-day area including Yemen, and extending into Oman, north to the Arabian oasis of Dedan, to Ethiopia, and even as far along as the East African Coast, into modern Tanzania.

Weight 9.2 g
Dimensions L 3 x H 3.3 cm