Viking Elf Shot Pendant with Garnet Stone

£ 550.00

A finely modelled Viking gold elf shot pendant, featuring a deep red garnet stone, and gold loop to the top for suspension. The garnet bead is held in place by a thin layer of gold, with pointed edges.

Date: Circa 9th-12th Century AD
Condition: Very fine, suitable for modern wear with care.


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Both Viking men and women enjoyed wearing jewellery as an indicator of wealth and social status, wearing these pieces kept their wealth safe and secure. Jewellery held a second purpose; most Vikings would have preferred their jewellery to have been made from precious metals with the intention to be used as a currency for trade. Depending on the transaction, jewellery many have been broken up to accommodate for a more appropriate price/deal.

Pendants and amulets also held spiritual connections and were said to have bestowed the owner with protection and support such as the popular amulet of Thor’s Hammer. Elf Shot pendants, such as this example, were  worn to warn off invisible elves from shooting arrows to people or animals, resulting in internal shooting pains including cramping and arthritis. It was believed that men shot by these invisible arrows would not recover and soon die. There would be no physical evidence of the wounds on the skin resulting in the theory of the elves and arrows to be more credible. Therefore, pendants were highly valued for the protection granted to their owners.

Weight 0.7 g
Dimensions L 1.4 cm


Semi-Precious Stones


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