Viking Zoomorphic Belt Pendant

Hollow cast bronze belt pendant, in the “Permian animal style”. The pendant takes a zoomorphic form – possibly in the shape of bird – and features applied coils at its neck and lower edge. Its head is raised, and its neck features a pronounced comb.

There is a central suspension hole on each item, as well as a braided suspension loop at the back of each pendant. We also see two suspension loops on the front edge, which are connected to hollow bell shaped pendants by double links. There are minor chips and earthly encrustations – see photos for further clarification.

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Date: Circa 8th - 9th century AD
Condition: Good condition - there are some minor chips and encrustations, see photos for further clarification.
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This pendant seems to fit into the Permian animal style, found throughout Western Russia in the Viking Era. Birds seem to have been of great significance in this  culture, with their heads often serving as protective features and their bodice formed into rustling, jangling artifacts like this one. We believe that items like this one were hung from hunting belts and later buried with their owners.

Both Viking men and women enjoyed wearing jewellery as an indicator of wealth and social status, wearing these pieces kept their wealth safe and secure. Jewellery held a second purpose; most Vikings would have preferred their jewellery to have been made from precious metals with the intention to be used as a currency for trade. Depending on the transaction, jewellery many have been broken up to accommodate for a more appropriate price or deal.

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Reference: For similar: The British Museum, London, item 1891,1021.108. For further information on the Permian animal style, please see the Electronic Journal of Folklore, Vol. 18&19

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