Western Asiatic Gold and Garnet Pendant

£ 500.00

A fine Western Asiatic gold pendant featuring a hollow cuboid produced from a gold sheet. The pendant is further enriched with three cabochon garnets, two in a teardrop shape displayed on the front and back, while another features a rounded shape presented on the base. Each are set in a gold frame. A ribbed gold loop has been attached to the top for suspension.

Date: 1st Millennium -5th century BC
Condition: Fine condition


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Many grand civilizations inhabited the area of Western Asia in Antiquity, and their wealth and prosperity are witnessed by the very sophisticated precious metal crafting of jewellery. Gold would have been hammered down to a thin layer and manipulated into different shapes. Gold, electrum and silver jewellery would have been enriched with gold granules, glass and semi-precious stone inlays along with detailed engravings.

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Weight 2.3 g
Dimensions L 2 x W 0.7 cm


Semi-Precious Stones


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