Phoenician Glass Bead

£ 150.00

A fine Phoenician bead made from moulded green glass, featuring a concentric design of blue applied polychrome glass bosses. Some earthly encrustation and red paste used to attach the bead’s decor is visible.


Date: 2500 - 500 BC
Condition: Excellent Condition


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Phoenicia was a civilisation originating from the Levant, the people of Phoenicia spoke a Semitic language and purposed jewellery, as in many ancient societies, to mark social status, wealth and privilege. Ornamental objects such as glassware, including beads, were a favourite of the Phoenicians. Glass beads were the first glass products produced in Mesopotamia during the late third millennium BC, this developed into the technique of glass blowing, most likely established amongst the Phoenician region in the early 1st century BC. The glass industry its self was highly influenced by the Egyptians and many of their pieces circulated around the Mediterranean.

Weight 9.5 g
Dimensions W 1.7 x H 1 cm



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