Ancient Egyptian Child’s Bronze Ring


A lovely ancient Egyptian bronze ring in a small size, possibly a child’s finger ring or hair ring. The band is formed from a smooth wide bronze piece with three pairs of oval cut-outs placed around the circumference. There is a slight indentation, creating a gentle border around both the top and bottom of the band. The surface of the bronze showcases areas of beautiful oxidation in blackish, green, and blue colours.

Closest modern UK ring size: E/F


Date: Circa 837 - 728 BC
Period: Third Intermediate Period, 23rd Dynasty
Provenance: From a Private Dorset collection, 1980s-1990s.
Condition: Excellent Condition. The form of the ring is fully intact, there is some green oxidation and areas of slightly pocked texture on the metal, consistent with age.


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Techniques of bronze casting ,which originated in Mesopotamia and Bronze Age cultures such as the Sumer civilisation, soon reached Egypt with the widening of trade networks. It immediately had a significant impact on Egyptian art traditions, including sculpture and jewellery. The materiality of bronze made it well suited to these disciplines, as the metal could be easily manipulated to create precise detail, as well as melted down and recycled if needed. The best of Egyptian bronzes are often considered to originate from between the Third Intermediate Period and the Late Period (which includes the 23rd dynasty when this ring is dated). After this point, fine craftsmanship began to make way for more mass production overall.

Weight 1.7 g
Dimensions L 1.4 x W 1.7 cm



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