Ancient Greek Silver Ring With Hermes

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An Ancient Greek silver finger ring. While the inner band of the ring is smooth from modern wearing, the outer surface is heavily patinated. Despite the condition, an outline of a standing figure remains visible. The short robes are suggestive of a male and it is still possible to discern a helmet-like headdress. The figure is most likely a representation of the greek messenger-god Hermes (Mercury).

Closest UK ring size: L

Date: Circa 4th-1st century BC
Provenance: Ex P.A. Hertfordshire collection acquired in 1990s
Condition: Fine condition and intact.


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Hermes’s cult has a long tradition, with the earliest evidences of his name found on Linear B tables dating to the 15th – 13th century BC. As messenger and herald, Mercury/Hermes features in several mythological episodes, such as the killing of Argos. Hermes is traditionally depicted wearing winged sandals (talaria) and hat (petasos). His tale tell signs of the caduceus and purse symbolise the link the god has to commerce but also thievery.

Weight 12.32 g
Dimensions L 2.5 x W 2.3 cm

Greek Mythology



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