Anglo-Saxon Bronze Ring with Spiralling Bezel

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An early Anglo-Saxon bronze ring, featuring a round hoop of a single wire of bronze, coiled to the bezel creating an elaborate spiral design. This type of ring was a popular across all Anglo-Saxon settlements in England. UK ring size D.

Date: Circa late 5th Century -7th Century
Condition: Fine, nice dark brown patina to the surface. Suitable for modern wear with care.


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Rings with spiral and knotted bezel have been recovered modelled in different media and usually dating between the 5th and 9th century AD. Although there are many interpretations on the use of such rings, bronze and silver rings of this type would have been possibly worn as wedding rings or with apotropaic meanings, with the spiral being an ancient and dynamic symbol, indicating endless movement. The majority of such rings, recovered from Anglo-Saxon graves, has been found close to the neck or chest of the deceased rather than on his/her fingers. This has led archaeologists to believe that this type of rings would have been worn on necklaces.

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Reference: For a similar item, The British Museum 1995,0102.180