Byzantine Silver Signet Ring with Cross Insignia


A Byzantine silver signet ring consisting of a narrow, cylindrical band and a diamond shaped bezel featuring the carved insignia of a cross. The arms of the cross are of equal length and are formed by many finely inscribed parallel lines. The bezel also features a tiny silver sphere on each corner of the diamond. UK ring size L.

Date: Circa 9th-12th century AD
Condition: Very fine condition. Some slight weathering, but the visibility of the insignia is not affected.


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The Byzantine Empire was a Christian state founded by Constantine the Great, and as such, crosses were popular symbols for both official and personal use. In the ancient world, personal handwritten signatures were not used as a sole means of identification, and so most documents required a seal, whereby the sender’s insignia could be pressed into wax in order to verify the authenticity of the document.

To disocver more about Byzantine art, please visit our relevant blog post: The Byzantine Empire, Art and Christianity.

Weight 2.6 g
Dimensions W 1 cm



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