Early Georgian Gold Ring with Banded Agate


A very fine gold finger ring of the early Georgian period featuring a D-section hoop with shoulders that expand towards the bezel. The band is embellished with incised patterns including curved and straight lines. Attached to the band is a domed bezel with an oval face. The bezel is enriched with a smooth oval banded agate inset while the reverse presents further incised line work.

Closest UK ring size: I 1/2

Date: Early 18th century AD
Provenance: Acquired 1960s-1990s, Late Alison Barker collection, a retired London barrister.
Condition: Very Fine Condition

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The decorative aesthetics of Rococo, Neoclassicism, and Romanticism first appeared during the Georgian era, and their impact on this era’s jewellery trends was hard to overlook. Jewellery were still handcrafted at this period, the gold was hammered into thin layers and then moulded into various forms. However, the invention of the rolling mill to roll out sheets of metal had certainly streamlined the jewellery production. Jewellery of the designated styles were worn according to the times of day. For instance, jewellery worn during the day was generally more understated than jewellery worn during evening occasions.

Rings worn for the day were generally styles with simplistic decorative designs including small coloured semi-precious stone. On the other hand, the evening rings were commonly styled based on a large central stone, in which it was often surrounded by small diamonds and other precious stones. The centre stone was frequently found foiled to enhance its reflections of colour and shined with perfection.


Weight 5.8 g
Dimensions L 2.2 cm



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